Leslie Duffy
“Hello, my name is Leslie Duffy, Head of Operations. I look forward to your call, and will take action to get the testing process started.”
+1 (973) 529 4223
A Beautiful and Accurate Patient Testimonial about Leslie

I just want to start off by thanking Genomic Prediction. More importantly a special thanks to Leslie!

Infertility is stressful on it’s own. Adding wait time for PGS results can be very overwhelming. The turnaround with GP is amazing! Leslie definitely is very compassionate and understanding, which helps immensely.

Some people in the field become immune to those of us struggling, because they see it all day long. Not Leslie!! She definitely is very understanding of our impatience. She takes so much time to make sure you know you are in great hands. Definitely don’t feel like a number.

I cannot brag enough about Leslie to others, at other labs! She’s amazing and deserves all good things!! Very thankful for Leslie making this process much more easy for me. Thank you for being you Leslie!!

A. Ortiz,
IVF Patient, 2021

How Becoming a Patient Works

Talk To Your Clinic
Speak to your clinic about using LifeView testing.
Our genetic counselors counsel you in advance.
Report Review
Review LifeView report of your embryos with your clinician.

Genetic Counseling

What is Genetic Counseling?

Genetic counselors are professionals with specialized training in genetics and counseling. They provide personalized information, guidance, and support to help you understand how genetics may impact your health and the health of your family.

What Should I Expect During a Session?

• Counseling is virtual.
• Genetic counseling sessions will last 30-60 minutes.
• You will be asked questions about your personal and family history.
• We will help you to understand your PGT options.
• You will have the opportunity to ask questions.
• A detailed summary letter will be sent to your provider.
• Translation services are available as needed.

International Patients

For our international clients, Genomic Prediction Clinical Laboratory strongly recommends genetic counseling for all patients having PGT-M, PGT-SR and PGT-P. We can provide this service at no additional charge. We arrange real-time translation in whatever language is required.