M2 Miscarriage Risk Assessment
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You may be at a higher risk of complications

Some patients undergoing IVF are struggling with infertility. M2 may be a part of that equation.

M2 is a variant in the Annexin A5 gene that can cause miscarriages by not allowing an embryo to correctly attach to the mother’s uterine wall.
LifeView Miscarriage Risk Assessment
LifeView Miscarriage Risk Assessment
M2 Miscarriage Risk Assessment is a test for a panel of variants which increase the risk of pregnancy loss, implantation failure, and complications during pregnancy. Complications such as pre-eclampsia.

The M2 test couldn’t be simpler for you.

Our saliva test is just like the ancestory and at-home DNA tests.
Receive the test in the mail
Send back your saliva sample
Wait 7 days for analysis

Interventions for M2 carriers is key.

Increase the odds of carrying your baby to term.

Increases your chance of carrying embryo to term 263% each cycle.

Miscarriage risk from M2 comes equally from the mother and father. M2 is expressed in the genome of the embryo. It is possible to choose an embryo with no M2, using LifeView preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

Intervention has the potential to greatly increase your chance of carrying the implanted embryo to term.
Embryo Selection
M2 carriers can screen embryos for M2 status, as an alternative to drug treatment.

We identify the embryos with the highest chance of carrying to term.
LMW Heparin Injection
For women with clotting disorders, heparin can help protect pregnancies.

If an M2 positive embryo is transferred, miscarriage risk can nonetheless be reduced by drug treatment.

Our Science

A general referencing of our papers and the third party validation.
Miscarriage Risk Study with Prof. Simon Fishel and Genomic Prediction
Ongoing Miscarriage Study
This observational study will investigate history of pregnancy complications, decision making, and IVF outcomes in carrier patients. Eligible participants will receive free LifeView M2 testing.
Dr. Nathan Treff - M2 Variant Testing - Genomic Prediction
Science Leadership
Genomic Prediction is the PGT Science World Leader, providing the world’s most advanced genetic testing for IVF, under the leadership of Chief Science officer Dr. Nathan Treff.
M2 Miscarriage Risk Assessment
Patient Resource Video
How does the M2 test work? Find here an explanation of how the M2 test works, and how to get started as a patient.
Published and Validated
362 publications in 56 science journals have published our work, and 6 of those papers pertain to validation of the LifeView M2 test.
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