“In 2019, [IVF Couples using EPⓖT] will have an opportunity to give their offspring a greater chance of living a long and healthy life.”
The Economist's "The World of 2019"
“I take my hat off to what they’re doing, it’s a potential revolution.”
Simon Fishel
President of the Care Fertility Group clinics in the UK
"We found out today that I’m pregnant :). I just wanted to let you know and thank you for everything :) ... And we are over the moon happy :)"
Patient, California
We are very pleased to work with Dr. Treff and GPCL for numerous reasons: Dr Treff has always been a leading innovator in our field.

We were concerned that mosaic embryos were incorrectly being diagnosed and we could potentially be transferring abnormal embryos or discarding normal embryos.

With Dr. Treff’s new technology, we are hopeful that this results in no misdiagnosis of embryos. We are also very pleased to receive feedback on the quality of our biopsy material and quality of the DNA sampled.

We believe this is an important part of the QC process that is often overlooked.
Klaus Wiemer
PhD, Poma Fertility Laboratory Director
"The IVF experience was really hard, with so many tough, emotional decisions.
Genomic Prediction made it all feel achievable."
Would-be parents, Tucson, AZ
“This technique (PGT-P) takes us from learning how to read simple words to starting to understand poetry...”
Prof. Carlos Simón, Dr. Carmen Rubio
"I had a good experience and will use the service again. Also, Jennifer Eccles has been helpful even after the initial testing."
Anonymous Patient, New York
“We're going to see a very different evolution of the world. ...as this happens, parents will want access… and we will have to give it to them.”
Martin Versavsky
Executive Chairman of Prelude
"We are a couple planning to have children via IVF. At some point we will choose one of several embryos to implant.

Even a small improvement in our child's lifetime odds of good health seems worth it when the alternative is to pick an embryo at random.

We're grateful to Genomic Prediction for giving us as much information as possible to make the best choice we can for our child, and for its excellent customer service throughout the process. "
Anonymous Couple, New York