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We provide advanced embryo genetic testing,
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About Genomic Prediction

Our Story

Advanced technology giving couples more successful pregnancies.
Genomic Prediction is the creator of LifeView, an advanced genetic testing platform for embryos for in vitro fertilization (IVF). We help couples have the healthiest child possible, protecting your baby from genetic risks that run in your family. We bring IVF into the information age.

Leadership Team

Laurent Christian Asker Melchior Tellier
Chief Executive Officer
more about Laurent Tellier
Laurent Christian Asker Melchior Tellier is the Chief Executive Officer, a co-Director of the Cognitive Genomics Lab at BGI, a visiting scholar from the University of Copenhagen Bioinformatics Centre, an entrepreneur founder of a 16- employee informatics startup in Denmark, holds a scholar position at MSU as a UKBB PI, and is a Rutgers Industrial Affiliate. Laurent’s previous work during his 7 years in China is upon next-generation sequencing and cloud computation in a polygenic prediction context, leading the CGL’s projects in collaboration with Kings College London and Harvard Vision Lab.
PROF. nathan robert treff, PhD, HCLD
Chief Scientific Officer
more about Nathan Treff
Nathan Robert Treff is Chief Scientific Officer / Lab Director, with a long history in reproductive genetic testing. He is an associate professor at Rutgers University School of Medicine, where he teaches reproductive genetics. Nathan is the recipient of 8 Prize Paper Awards, and the 2013 New Investigator Award from ASRM. He has published over 110 peer reviewed papers in Reproductive Genetics and serves as a member of the ASRM Research Committee, and Senior Associate Editor of JARG, and Editor of Fertility and Sterility. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Washington State University.
Prof. stephen H. hsu, PHD
more about Stephen Hsu
Dr. Stephen Hsu is Professor of Theoretical Physics at Michigan State University. Educated at Caltech and Berkeley, he was a Harvard Junior Fellow and held faculty positions at Yale and the University of Oregon. Hsu was founder and CEO of SafeWeb, a Silicon Valley technology startup acquired by Symantec for $26 million. He is a scientific advisor to BGI and a member of its Cognitive Genomics lab.
Kelly Ketterson
Chief Operating Officer
more about Kelly Ketterson
jia xu, PHD
Chief Technological Officer
more about Jia Xu
jennifer eccles, LCGC
Head of Genetic Counseling and Clinical Content Manager
more about Jennifer Eccles
Leslie Duffy
Head of Operations
more about Leslie Duffy
Todd Hitchcock
Head of Business Development
more about Todd Hitchcock
Diego Marin, PhD
Clinical Trial Coordinator and Latin America Sales Manager
more about Diego Marin
Brian Gehring
Clinical Sales Manager
more about Brian Gehring
Deirdre Leahy
Genetic Counselor
more about Deirdre Leahy
Erik Christensen
Account Manager
more about Erik Christensen
Prof. simon fishel, PhD, MD
Scientific Advisory Board Member, Director of Care Fertility Group, PROFAM
more about Prof. Fishel
Kathleen Miller, DHSc
Scientific Advisory Board Member, Lab Director of IVF Florida
more about Dr. Miller
Scientific Advisory Board Member, MD IVF Director at IRMS
more about Dr. Chen
Jamie Metzl, PhD
WHO Genome Editing Committee Expert, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow
more about Dr. Metzl
Elizabeth Carr
Patient Advocate
more about Elizabeth Carr
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